18 April 2010

What do you know?

Like a lot of other bloggers, I'm a fan of Jay Smooth, and will re-post almost anything he does:

Like a lot of bloggers, I also agree with what he says. He's not necessarily the smartest man on the planet, but he certainly knows what he's talking about. He has this ability to tell the truth while being respectful, and blunt, and he has a great, almost lyrical, approach to language.

What I like about this particular video is that he's right. People who know nothing about politics would better serve themselves if they didn't pretend that their disdain was in any way related to understanding how the system works.

I love politics. I follow it to the capacity that my brain can handle. I'm active in the process, and I spend a significant amount of time thinking about what I believe and why. When I talk about politics with other people (and I tend to choose carefully who I talk to), I clearly speak within my realm of experience, and sometimes I just don't know the answer. I certainly have lots of opinions, but they're based on engagement with the system.

When people open their mouths and express a sense of discontent or cynicism with politics, without having any idea what individuals do within a political system, then they're contributing to making the system worse, because not only are they not engaging in changing it, but they're spending time passing off ignorance as knowledge to people who haven't had the opportunity to learn for or decide for themselves. And the cycle starts again.

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