05 April 2010

Twitter killed my blog

I still love blogging. I think about it frequently. It kept me awake for an extra 40 minutes in bed last night, thinking about how I could incorporate more blogging into my schedule. Honestly, if they would let me access this platform from my school, I'd be all over it with much more frequency. Unfortunately, I am relegated to my downtime (not-at-work time) which, in actuality, is my semi-conscious time. There's a reason why my blogging increases exponentially in the summer. At the end of a school day, I'm usually done thinking. It's how I keep my sanity (and why so many of my jokes end up being of the "that's what she said" variety).

Twitter, on the other hand, has become simple. It's so easy to post a 140-character thought... without thinking. But I'm kind of sad at how it really deteriorates the quality of what I want to say. I also, I find myself bouncing back and forth between completely irrelevant updates (à la Facebook), and repeating other people's information. But I can't seem to break myself of the overly-simple habit of pulling out my BlackBerry between classes and throwing up something quick and "witty".

So, I'm going to spend some time rethinking how I construct my thoughts and how I can resurrect this with some regularity. And how I can integrate the two media better.

Suggestions welcome.


Brodie said...

I like to collect my thoughts in an email draft, then send it to my blogger account as a draft. Then I take 5 minutes to make it pretty and add pictures. It has worked really well so far.

Sorry I stole your theme, btw :(

Brodie said...

For the pictures bit, I also super enjoy emailing pictures to Picasa in a drop box, and being able to select them with the beta dashboard. Super fantastic awesome.

Anonymous said...

The school's blocks are easier than anything to get past, jsyk.

minako said...

Do tell.