20 August 2009

Anything I can do

I hate listening to the tripe thrown around in the American media about the impending devastation of their health care system. It's cynical, elitist crap. While I'll admit that our system in Canada isn't perfect, it isn't leading to mass-extinction either. I've had a couple of operations in the last 10 years, and I came out fine. Socialized/government-funded health care isn't perfect, but it's not a monster either. Privatized health care that bankrupts citizens and pays for private jets and tropical island second homes for executives is.

So, when there's anything I can do to spread the word about the fraudulent tactics the anti-public system lobbyists are using to incite hated and rage, I'll do it with fervour.

Exhibit A:

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ShksprChk said...

Silly Americans, health care's for everyone! It's not a secret plot to kill old people, it's a public plot to save old people!

A friend of mine posted this video on facebook and I think you might like it.. same theme:

Barney Frank Addesses Health Care in Dartmouth