24 July 2009

Better than I could have said it

Normally, I just post links, but I felt like this article deserved the full re-post.

I Am Pro-Choice

I am pro-choice.

“Pro-choice describes the political and ethical view that a woman should have complete control over her fertility (and the choice to continue or terminate a pregnancy).”

That being said, I do not know if I, personally, would ever be able to receive an abortion.

While growing up, I watched my mother suffer miscarriage after miscarriage, having had six pregnancies and only three children to show for them. Do not get me wrong: my mother considers my siblings and I each a blessing to her. I am the eldest, her first pregnancy and her first born. After me, my mother concieved again, only to miscarry. My mother concieved and gave birth to my sister when I was almost three. Between my sister and my brother, my mother suffered two more miscarriages, the worst of which came in 2002. Two weeks before her due date, my mother miscarried a son, my brother. She didn’t think she could concieve again. But two years later, my brother was concieved, whom she has called her “miracle”.

My mother is pro-choice.

The miscarriage she suffered between my birth and the birth of my sister was due to a defect with the fetus. Only the bottom half of the fetus’s skull had formed during development. My mother was told that if she did not terminate the pregnancy, her life would be in danger. Not only that, but the baby would obviously not survive if born full term. And so, my mother terminated her pregnancy. My mother had an abortion.

I used to be strongly pro-life; I found the idea of ending an innocent life to be horrendous, a sin. I marched alongside many others in Washington DC at the annual March for Life. I should mention here that I have been raised in a Roman Catholic household all my life; I have attended Catholic school. I have been preached that abortion is wrong. I have been taught that to be pro-choice is to be pro-abortion.

And this is NOT the case.

To be pro-choice is to believe that a woman has the right to choose.

A woman has the right to be abstinate. A woman has the right to have sex. A woman has the right to take birth control. A woman has the right to refuse birth control. A woman has the right to concieve and give birth. A woman has the right to raise her child, with or without a father figure. A woman has the right to put her child up for adoption. A woman has the right to adopt. A woman has the right to concieve and seek an abortion. A woman has the right to choose what is right for her. And what is right for one woman, may not be right for another.

To teach that pro-choice means pro-abortion is wrong. No one has any right to pass judgement on another for the choices that they make for themselves. I can not judge a woman for having an abortion because I have no right to. I do not know what that woman went through to lead her to making that choice for herself. I do not know that woman’s story, that woman’s situation.

The “pro-life vs. pro-choice” battle is a pointless one at that. No matter what anyone says or does, abortion has existed, and will exist, whether it is legal or illegal (and, honestly, legal abortions are far safer than illegal abortions). It has existed as long as humans could concieve children.

So, again I say, I am pro-choice.

I believe that a woman has the right to choose.

What about you?

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