21 June 2009


My posting has been scant lately because life gets in the way. I guess I can't help having a fantastic, fulfilling personal relationship, a job I love, volunteer activities that keep me flat out, and face-altering surgery that puts me down for a week.

No, it wasn't plastic surgery. Well, it was, in a sense. But it was for improving the functional structure of my face, not for vanity. I never had a problem with my chin(s). Apparently, the rest of my face disagreed.

I wanted to add this link to the discussion of my last post, because I think it shows that something is lacking between what young people want/need to know about sex and what adults are willing/able to tell them.

Learning about healthy relationships in school ties directly into better safe-sex practices because adolescents who know how to communicate with their partners are more likely to succeed in negotiating condom use, said Sarah Flicker, one of the study authors and an assistant professor of environmental studies at York University.

Maybe taking kids out of school for "controversial subject matter" is even riskier, since the ignorance that issues exist might lead them to make false choices based on what they think they know.

They're just people. Tell them what they need to know and let them sort out how to use it. Putting a gun in someone's hand doesn't mean they'll shoot it. Letting a kid know about what might be fun or dangerous about sex doesn't mean they're going to run out and get laid.

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