15 March 2009

Watch what you say

In the same vein as yesterday's post, I wanted to further help spread the word about this article on abuse from Newsweek. Domestic Abuse Myths: Five Mistakes we Make When we Talk about Rihanna catalogues a number of popular fallacies about domestic abuse and how the media conflated and sensationalized Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna to turn it into some kind of game with players, rules, and colour commentary.

Assault is assault. The only "fault" is with the assaulter. Once you attack, the other person loses, and whatever they did to anger the perpetrator becomes moot. I don't care if Rihanna got up in Brown's face and screamed, "Hit me, you pussy!" He is responsible for his own actions.

I think the media circus and all the speculation about what she did wrong only serves as reinforcement to her decision to go back to him. All the talk of blame and what she did to "deserve" the beating would only support what most abused women already think: that she did something to deserve it and has to make up for what happened. The reports are so convincing that consumers are believing it too.

At least Coolio knows better. Ignore the irony. Coolio is just awesome and I love that the media is so desperate for commentary that they'll call anyone for input.

In addition to the Newsweek article, the Winnepeg Sun also published this piece on taking the event as an opportunity to set the record on abuse straight with your kids.

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