28 March 2009

Tolerance on Parade

While I generally think that this show is sensationalist tripe, I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the following video (via feministing.com):

I'm not going to unpack it right now, but feel free to open up in the comments. Of note: civil unions are legal in New Jersey.


haitch pee said...

I find this ridiculous. But it really lost me about 1 minute from the end when the commentator/host dude refers to the gay lifestyle. :|
What, exactly, IS the gay lifestyle? I've been waiting to figure that out for years now.

minako said...

I'd like to clarify that I'm not impressed with the video, but with the way some people stood up against intolerance.

I'm pretty sure the "gay lifestyle" is when you make a conscious choice to be happy every day.

Muffy St. Bernard said...

Yeah, hard to know if "lifestyle" was said in order to be inflammatory or simply in ignorance...like, he hadn't thought of what the word implied.

In my experience, this is exactly how such situations play out, and the results are due entirely to whether the "rude guy" is made to feel integrated or as an outcast.

If his comments are appreciated by others then the situation escalates. But if his comments ultimately alienate him, he'll get increasingly frustrated and angry and eventually he'll leave.

The good thing about these situations is that they result in people saying the terrible things that are on their minds...and once those things are verbalized, they are revealed for the ugly and irrational ideas that they really are. The people who hear them may have believed those ideas to begin with, but when they actually hear them said -- and see them directed at real human beings -- I think it literally changes minds.

I've blogged about this a little bit: