24 February 2009

Four days to go....

Okay February, I don't like you, and you don't like me, but I think we can move past that. You came through with a few snow days, and for that I am grateful. But let's not push it. I think you can let March take over and exit with some grace and dignity intact. I definitely won out this year, but you've taken the last 5, so I haven't exactly won the war.

Let's just agree to part ways peacefully, and maybe I'll look forward to seeing you next year. Maybe you'll present yourself as less intimidating and I'll present myself as less hostile. I'm willing to give this a fair shot.

You see, February, a lot has changed this time around, and I guess I had to prove that I could beat you. I'm sorry if that hurt your feelings, but I think you've kicked me around long enough.

In the past, I've been okay with nothing disastrous happening, but this year that wasn't good enough. And perhaps that decision made all the difference. I can't take full credit for it; I was definitely heeding the advice of friends.

So maybe next we can start over? I thought that I needed a few more clear triumphs, but after having this discussion, I'm willing to put the past behind us and move forward. I'll admit a slight disadvantage as long as you don't use that to beat me down next time we meet.

Enjoy your summer, February. You deserve the break.

08 February 2009

Happy February!

I'm so glad it's February, even though it's a month I traditionally hate even more than January. I'm willing to give it a shot this year.

I'm taking some time off from blogging because:

a) I'm busy. I'm teaching two new courses this semester and I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around the massive amount of work I have to do to make them not suck. Anyone that tells you it's easy to teach drama is lying and should be roundly beaten by all.

b) I'm sick. I woke up with a cold Friday and it is determined to get worse before it gets better. Today I can't talk without severe coughing. I hate coughing.

c) It's February. If I'm going to give February a chance, I have to do something other than sit in my living room on my laptop. In store to date is a weekend away to New Brunswick and the Improv Regionals (website not current). Also, not sucking.

On deck for my return:

a) A response to the porn blog and comments.

b) Online dating.

c) International Women's Day

d) Feeling numb.

Happy birthday to my mom. She's 60, she's fabulous and I love her.