31 December 2008

Should we be worried?

This is a screen shot that I took of my iGoogle page yesterday morning. Pretty innocuous, right? Nice and festive for the season. I've blurred personal references for obvious reasons.

Here's what I want to draw your attention to:

WHAT?! Who screens these ads? I'm actually too afraid to click on the link because I'm worried about what I'll find. It could be some ultra-fundamentalist cult. Or just a really religious economist. My real fear is that it has something to to with Barak Obama becoming president. That would just make me cry.

1 comment:

Brodie said...

It's the title of a book :(

The fact that it exists is cause for fear, but not more fear than the "Left Behind" series being on the bestseller list.

Shudder, but same ole shudder.