12 September 2008

Walk the talk

I don't know if Barak Obama does what he says he'll do. I don't know if he's capable of making the changes he says he'll make. I don't even know if he's capable of winning the election in November. What I do know is that listening to him is much better than listening to what has become political status quo in North American politics.

I wish more politicians would cut the crap and just tell us what they stand for and what they want to do when they get elected. Then people could decide whether that's what they want to happen to their country. I bet a lot fewer people would feel scared about what will happen if the "wrong" people take over. I bet more people would want to vote if they saw the eventual results or efforts. At least it wouldn't be like watching so many junior high girls spread ridiculous rumours about each other.

The same goes for you Canada. I just don't hear any of our politicians talking about it.

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