08 September 2008

Cosmo Doormat?

This video from the publishers at Cosmopolitan actually kind of offends me.

And, I don't think it's offensive to just woman; I think men should be upset by it too: "Hey guys! You're scumbags who can't control yourselves! You are walking, talking sex machines and women are there to please you! Dick around all you want! It's your girlfriend's fault for wanting to cuddle too much."

Pardon me, but last time I checked, lots of men have self-control and are able to exercise it on a regular basis.

Oh, and how does the job title "Editor-in-Chief" qualify you to make any of these assertions? It's really dangerous territory for you to spout off about the wherefores and whys of cheating without any credentials other than being able to put "Asked Features Writer to add two more to list of 'Ten Ways to Please Your Man' to make it an exciting 12" on your resume.

The one thing that I sort of agree with is her warning about taking care when dating a guy who has admitted to cheating in past relationships. It is something to be cautious about, if it's a pattern. I think the pattern part is essential to the warning. No matter what, it's definitely not a stellar quality, but by broad strokes, I am never entitled to a fulfilling relationship in my entire life because I kissed another guy when I was 17.

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Tricky said...

I think i actually lost a few brain cells watching that dreck. Why is this okay? Why does it appear that society is completely comfortable with this atrocious gender pidgeonholing?

I think we might be moving toward a marianismo sort of culture. I want to move to a shack in the middle of the woods.