14 August 2008

Why is it wrong to just want to have sex?

It shouldn't be. Men are allowed. But that's not the way the options are presented.

For your consideration:


Anonymous said...

FYI … There was an interesting podcast from a CBC Radio show that may/may not interest you … here is the title, short descriptor and web-link …

2008-08-14: As It Happens Daily -> Abortion's emotional aftermath. The American Psychological Association discovers that women who have had one abortion suffer no serious mental health problems.

So, women who have one abortion do not suffer long-term emotional or psychological trauma or conditions because of it and this conclusion is based upon a synthesis of all peer-reviewed research over the past twenty years. Might be an interesting report to check out.


Tricky said...

That was throughly enjoyable. I would love to buy that woman a beer.

There's a fair amount of evidence that suggests that the Victorian Era is to blame for the irrational prudery concerning women and sex - before then, women were considered to be sort of where men are considered to be around now. Being an irrational, emotional creature, women were also the ones with voracious sexual appetites that could wear out the menfolk. (There are many a tribal culture that have the same sentiment. The only example i can think up offhand are from Paupa New Guinea).

Then, the Victorian Era rolled around, where women were meant to lay back and suffer the indignity of being sexed up, table and piano legs were covered, and S&M had its emergence. Also gave rise to the 'Madonna/Whore' phenom, where women can be seen as sexual objects, or mothers, but not both.