16 August 2008

Vigilante justice, internet-style

My favourite thing about this article, is how the internet community totally violated the thief's right to privacy in their attempt to rain justice down on him. Things that actual cops and judges can't do just get opened up in the new frontier of cyberspace. It allows for a whole new kind of public humiliation (akin to cyber-bullying).

While I appreciate how they rallied to enforce some morals, I don't think posting the kid's home address and high school is a good idea. There are some crazies out there....

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Brodie said...

Wasn't his information available to the public in different places, and just consolidated by the vigilantes?

Bad enough thieving someone's gear, but then offering to sell it back to them? Too far, thiefy mcthief. Too far.

Just desserts.

If I was a thief, I hope I'd be smart enough to do a better job.