08 August 2008

More propaganda?

For those who read and consume the news widely, looking at various news sources from around the world, it probably won't come as a surprise to you that the US has long claimed that Osama bin Laden's Al Quaeda had links to Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Unfortunately, for a long time after the war in Iraq started, many Americans continued to believe in the link.

Early into the war, a letter surfaced that claimed that one of the masterminds of the attacks on 11 September 2001 was trained in Iraq at the pleasure of Hussein. (Editorially, I find it curious that many other nations didn't seem to buy into it, but it helped the Bush administration bolster their case at home for continued engagement in Iraq.)

Surprise, surprise; the letter was forged.

It behooves us to look at the latest and see who stands to benefit from this latest "revelation". It certainly goes a long way to discredit anyone who was involved in promoting the war in Iraq as a security necessity. Tell-all books might be interesting and factual and tell a story that needs to be told, but they still make money for the author, so the more sensational the better. And while some might call the timing suspect (three months until the US presidential election) a lot goes into writing a book, including convincing the people you quote to let you publish what they said.

I'm biased; I'm inclined to believe that the Bush administration authorized a document forgery to legitimize continued military occupation of Iraq. I'm one of those who has long thought that the war was about circumventing the UN's Oil for Food program to increase oil exports from Iraq and open the country to foreign (read: American) control of the resource. So, while I'm trying to keep in mind that the pendulum swings back and forth on these revelations, I'm feeling smug about this latest truth.

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