07 July 2008

The posting continues

Despite a little flaming happening below (who knew people were so interested in my health and body odour control?), on I go merrily. I take it as a compliment that something I say arouses passion in someone else. Even if that person is a lurker from another province who somehow thinks that they are entitled to correct my thinking with whatever word choice they think makes them seem smartest.

For the record, since my switch to deodorant, my life got MORE stressful. So while there may been infinite contributing factors to my improved overall physical health, saying that any change in "everything else in [my] life that has been altered" is as "naïve" as pointing to reduced chemical exposure as a reason. Especially since numerous studies show that stress has a depressive effect on the immune system.

I'm not linking to any of the studies. You're reading this on the internet; look it up!

Please note the return of the comment rules. All comments are moderated anyway; this is just my fair way of letting you know why something may not get posted.

This week's Hero of the Week is Patrick, for his intelligent and well reasoned comment response. Lurk away, dear Patrick. And keep the intelligent comments coming!

I have a busy week ahead with a houseguest imminent, but I have some posts in the wings, so blogging may still happen.

In the meantime, here's a fun story about how much one guy hates Hitler.

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