28 July 2008

I have a problem with this.

So, there's a website out there for people looking to have an affair. I saw the video of an ad for it on YouTube. I'm not posting the link or giving you the URL, because the idea of the site is so repugnant to me, and I'd rather not give them any free publicity or coveted word-of-mouth buzz.

The ad features a man in bed with a snoring woman draped on him. The voice-over talks about one-night stands. Then it's revealed that this apparent fling is actually the guy's marriage. And he's either sneaking off to meet his internet-acquired lover, or sneaking away to get on the computer to masturbate to pictures of people who are willing to be either The Other Man/Woman or a cheater.

If I sound judgemental, damn straight I am. Not only do extra-marital affairs (or any other cheating outside of an otherwise monogamous relationship) put the other partner at risk of unknowingly contracting STIs, there are all sorts of other implications.

Bottom line; if you're not happy in your relationship, no affair -- not even a no-strings-attached, we-both-knew-what-we-wanted-when-we-signed-up affair -- is going to benefit anyone down the road. If you're one of the "lucky" ones who's gotten away with an affair and it made you feel like shit, but it ended and now your marriage/partnership is stronger than ever, bully for you.
Usually, there's a world of hurt coming and it's either in the form of broken hearts, strong antibiotics (if you're fortunate), child-support payments or maybe just stress from keeping the lies straight.

Obviously someone saw a business opportunity in the statistics. Too bad it's morally reprehensible. Or just simply skeezy.

I'm going away for a couple of days, so I don't know what posting will look like. I've approached a couple of possible guest bloggers. We'll see what happens.

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