23 June 2008


This is so cute, but so wrong.... Meet Kaitlyn Ashley Mahar:

America's Got Talent is based off the British hit, Britain's Got Talent, the first season of which blew people away. It's a nice idea that piggybacks on the Idol phenomenon; but instead of a bunch of young people singing, it's people of all ages doing all kinds of things.

Including the above four-year-old singing. Because she wants to, I'm sure.... Because all four-year-olds know that they want to stand on stage in front of strangers and sing. I'm sure Mom and Dad had nothing to do with that decision.

I'm just thinking that maybe there's something wrong with a country that supports the idea of denying a childhood to a four-year-old.

Oh, and while I generally support the fostering of talent for people other than cute skinny teenagers, I'm a little disappointed with the lack of originality at the show. Seriously? Same song, same shots, same climax.

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