17 May 2008

Oh. My. God.

Watch this. It's horrifying. And amusing.

I totally understand that this guy doesn't talk for all Republicans, and that there are plenty of intelligent Republicans out there who do know what Neville Chamberlain did and why it was such a catastrophe. What upsets me is that, knowing the general ignorance of Americans on foreign history, except for some general recognition, they are trotting out "experts" to compare Barak Obama to a man who agreed to let Hitler take over Czechoslovakia because Obama says that he plans to talk to groups like Hamas to try to resolve issues such as terrorism.

President Bush started this landslide when he spoke at the Knesset yesterday. Now, all kinds of people are annoyed at him. Bush's thinly-veiled racism comes as no surprise. His overt fear-mongering is even less so.

So, kudos to Hardball host Chris Matthews, who demanded an explanation of *Kevin James' talking point. It's nice to see the media press someone on an issue and then call it what it is: partisan politicking using fear and ignorance to manipulate American voters. I'm am so glad that Mr. Matthews is obviously intelligent enough to be able to call him to task like that. Bush's comparison was irresponsible, and the way the pundits are tripping over themselves to exploit this misrepresentation of history is sickening.

I'm glad Obama is already all over this.

Chris Matthews is my Hero of the Week.

*I love how quickly James' Wikipedia article was updated to include his Hardball gaff.

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