25 April 2008

Somewhere out there

Watching Felicity always makes me cry. Always.

It doesn't help that for a dozen episodes, her life was mirroring mine. It was like that in a number of ways, but most recently, in the breakdown and break-up of her relationship. I wasn't going through the same situation as what was happening on the screen, but I was certainly feeling a lot of the same emotions. Despite knowing that it's a fictional show, it gets me every time.

But as sad as it made me tonight, I decided something: there is someone out there for me. Someone who appreciates me for who I am instead of trying to change me. Someone who will try to support me instead of telling me that my problems are a buzzkill. And someone who will not try to trump me, but will work with me on things.

I can hardly wait. But first, I will sleep.

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