30 March 2008

March musings

There are two days left in March. It's almost done. I can't say I'm disappointed, but I'm certainly feeling a little bewildered by the speed in which it disappeared.

Work-wise we had virtually NO time. There were snow days, March Break and early Easter. Foo introduced me to Google Reader and that helps waste a lot of time.

Even though it's officially spring it's still snowing. And even though much of that snow has contributed to extra days off for me, I'm ready for the weather to warm up. I'm ready to be able to sit on my patio and read. I'm ready to open the windows and let the fresh air in. I'm ready to pull out my winter clothes and take off my winter tires. Part of putting the winter clothes away is related to the fact that I'm a lot smaller than I was this time last year and I want to see if my summer clothes fit. While logic dictates that those are probably too big, the fact is that there is a lot of spring and summer wear that I refused to give up as "too small". While I pitched my smaller winter clothes in a fevered frenzy, I hung on to much more in my summer wardrobe -- largely because most of it was newer, having been acquired while I worked for my Dad when I actually needed dressy summer clothes.

But as I look out my living room window, it's still snowing. It's only flurries, and is unlikely to accumulate, but it's obviously cold enough to not be rain. Last weekend, I was on the South Shore with my parents for Easter. Their neighbours said that on 20 March 2007 the temperature down there was 17 degrees C. That day it was -6. I know that by and large the environmental movement is trying to replace the notion of Global Warming with the more specific explanation of Climate Change, but the Earth's warming is still the focus. So where's that temperature increase right now?!

I kid.

Last night, Earth Hour hit the planet in a huge way -- especially Canada. I took it a bit far (which probably isn't a bad thing). I mixed up the timing and because I was heading out for the afternoon, I turned off a lot of things in my condo before I left, including dropping to heat to 16 degrees. Not only did I get home earlier than I expected, but I stayed home longer before I ventured out again. As a result (and because I was too stupid/lazy to turn the heat up again in the interim) I lay on teh couch under a blanket, marking Photo Essays and shivering. It was so cold that, when I got in my car to head out for rehearsal, the car, which had been sitting dormant outside for two hours, was warmer than my living room. On the bright side, I'd like to point out that I definitely fulfilled my commitment to the event. And I got some marking done. And I found some lost assignments that I accused my students of not handing in. Oops.

So, looking forward to April:
  • My birthday!
  • Warmer weather!
  • Lindsay's birthday!
  • Eliot's birthday!
  • Warmer weather!
  • More sunshine?
  • My butt will keep shrinking!
Stay tuned for these and more developments....

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