02 January 2007

Crippled with anxiety

I go back to work tomorrow after what seems like a really long and simultaneously way too short break.

Apart from having persistent minor cold symptoms that will not leave me alone, I'm just not ready. The next major break is the 3rd week in March.

For those of you who may think that teachers are "lucky" to get as many breaks as they do, I'd like to point out that your job isn't so bad. I've worked in the corporate world. You may get run down, but there's (technically) nothing stopping you from taking a week in February, or a vacation day now and then. Teachers are limited to certain days/times of the year. And while there are plenty of workoholics and thoguhtful/diligent workers in the corporate world, most can still say that they have their free time to themselves. When I started this job, I was at the school every day until 6 or 6:30 (arriving brfore 8:30 and working through lunch), and when I got home, I'd shove food in me and work some more. I don't know how teachers with families do it; I only have to worry about Andrew!

What I'm driving at in the above paragraph is that teachers do need their breaks. I invite anyone who disagrees to deal with my grade 7s for a day. Scratch that; a week. Anyone could do it for a day.

I like my job. I may even "love" my job. But today I am tired and feeling worn down and like there's far too much to do. And that stretch beween January 3rd and March 9th seems so interminably long that I am having slight panic thinking about it.

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