24 September 2006

My pants don't fit

But it's getting better.

In the past year I have gained about 25 pounds. No lie.

I know this specifically because I weighed myself the morning of Lew's wedding, and I just managed to meet my wedding-weight goal. I weighed myself last Sunday at my parents house and I weigh slightly less than 25 pounds more. And I know I've lost weight since I started teaching.

I mostly attribute it to my car accident. Many months of sitting around, not being able or allowed to move or do much activity. Not good.

I'm hoping that the increased activity of teaching will make a slight dent in it, but I also need to take some initiative. I'm getting a stationary bike using some of the money my insurance money paid out in order to close my claim. I also hope to get back into the swing of yoga soon.

I'm not very happy about all this. I know I can do something about it. The funny thing is that even though I know it's bad and I feel crappy about myself, I still don't feel that motivated to do anything about it. I don't expect the weight to just melt away, but I'm not very keen on working hard at it either. That's different from how I usually feel when my pants get tight.

And right now I'm looking at having to buy a new wardrobe.


haitch pee said...

it's funny you mentioned stationary bike, because i was thinking about getting one in order to force exercise on myself this winter. i loved going on bike rides about twice a week with D. this summer, and miss it already, as schedules get busier. I've also noticed myself getting antsy and actually WANTING excercise, but then getting totally unmotivated when i think about how far away from my house any fun classes - in English - would be.

so yes, stationary bike. maybe i can find a used one for cheap!
anyway, most probably increasing activity will increase energy = increase motivation for more activity. But it can be a hard hard cycle to start! (as i'm sure you know).

Me said...

You know what you need to do? You need to have a job where there should really be TWO people doing your job - like MY job. Because you don't EVER get to sit down, therefore eating doesn't happen and you are always running, running, running all over the damn place. I've lost nearly 10 pounds since starting this job. None of my clothes fit...though I have started blacking out fairly regularily...but hey! Smaller waist! Yay!

Me said...

Tag! You're it! Go to my blog, copy the questions and answer them please :)