19 September 2006

The 5-minute post

I am teaching. It is hard. It can be fun. Right now I send a lot of kids to the office.

I am usually very tired when I get home, but I do most of my planning on the weekends, so at least I have some time to relax. For example, last night I went to a screening of short films at the film festival. As Lew said, "That's 92 of 95 minutes of my life I'll never get back." It wasn't that bad, but there were some films that left us wondering how they ever got accepted.

Tonight is trivia night again. It started up again last week and we came in 4th out of 10. Not too bad. Andrew works Tuesdays now so he can't go anymore, but I think Lew and Mike are going to come as long as they aren't working evenings. All are welcome, but there a cap of 6 per team.

Teaching makes me sweat a lot. I feel like I have sprinklers grafted to my armpits. I might have to move up to men's antiperspirant soon... If I can find an unscented variety. I'd rather just wear my all-natural deodorant, but I'm too self-conscious about sweat stains on my shirts.

I would like to write a blog with more substance in the near future; unfortunately, teaching does take up much of my free time. On the bright side, I can still check my gmail at school. :)

Time's up! Gotta go teach French!


haitch pee said...

ooooo, gmail contact at school! even if brief and fleeting! hot!
also hot: you're feeling like you can claim some of your evenings for relaxation! AAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

kelso said...

Here's some random advice: Try Drysol - liquid anti-persperant. Even if you only use it once in a while, or every day for a month or two, it helps.

Me said...

Ew...you sweat a lot? ;p I'm just teasing you - teaching definitly does make the sweat glands go into over drive. It will settle down as you settle down. :)

I can also check gmail at school. Hooray!