24 September 2006

My pants don't fit

But it's getting better.

In the past year I have gained about 25 pounds. No lie.

I know this specifically because I weighed myself the morning of Lew's wedding, and I just managed to meet my wedding-weight goal. I weighed myself last Sunday at my parents house and I weigh slightly less than 25 pounds more. And I know I've lost weight since I started teaching.

I mostly attribute it to my car accident. Many months of sitting around, not being able or allowed to move or do much activity. Not good.

I'm hoping that the increased activity of teaching will make a slight dent in it, but I also need to take some initiative. I'm getting a stationary bike using some of the money my insurance money paid out in order to close my claim. I also hope to get back into the swing of yoga soon.

I'm not very happy about all this. I know I can do something about it. The funny thing is that even though I know it's bad and I feel crappy about myself, I still don't feel that motivated to do anything about it. I don't expect the weight to just melt away, but I'm not very keen on working hard at it either. That's different from how I usually feel when my pants get tight.

And right now I'm looking at having to buy a new wardrobe.

21 September 2006

I just lost my job


But I have a new one now.

Because the grade 7 classes at my school turned out to be sooooo small, the school board forced the school to collapse them into 2 classes. On the bright side (which is how this was first pitched to me by the Principal and VP) is that no one is losing their job or even being moved to another school. The board has agreed that the school could use the extra support.

So, here's what happens as I understand it to date:
  • I will no longer be teaching French to Grade 4s. Because there is one less grade 7, the french teacher now has room in her schedule.
  • I will no longer have a homeroom. There are currently 3 homeroom teachers, and they've decided to give the homerooms to the other two teachers.
  • I will no longer be teaching grade 7 English Language Arts. The other new teacher will do that, which I think is a good thing because I think some of the kids need more male influence in their daily routine. A lot of the boys don't respect women very well, and having a positive male role model who shows respect for women will be a very good thing for them to see.
  • I will be doing lost of professional development so I can learn about how to support students on LSPs (Learning Support Program). I will be "co-teaching" with the grade 8/9 teacher, Juli, and the new grade 7 ELA teacher, David. I'm not really sure what that means or how it will look.
  • I'm losing my classroom, but apparently they will find space for me. That would be good, because I've already filled up my room with lots of food and crap. Really, as long as I have a computer with an internet comection, I'll be fine. :)

So, that's the deal. The only teachers who know now are the ones involved. The other teachers will be told tomorrow, and the kids will find out on Monday. The official changeover will start at the end of next week, or beginning of the following week. This works out well because my students have most of their assignments due next Thursday (Friday is an inservice), which means that the rollover will be pretty smooth. And I'm hoping that Dave will keep up some of the stuff I've been doing with them, like spelling and journals, and maybe the memorization.

So, I'm out of one job and into another. I hope it's interesting!

19 September 2006

The 5-minute post

I am teaching. It is hard. It can be fun. Right now I send a lot of kids to the office.

I am usually very tired when I get home, but I do most of my planning on the weekends, so at least I have some time to relax. For example, last night I went to a screening of short films at the film festival. As Lew said, "That's 92 of 95 minutes of my life I'll never get back." It wasn't that bad, but there were some films that left us wondering how they ever got accepted.

Tonight is trivia night again. It started up again last week and we came in 4th out of 10. Not too bad. Andrew works Tuesdays now so he can't go anymore, but I think Lew and Mike are going to come as long as they aren't working evenings. All are welcome, but there a cap of 6 per team.

Teaching makes me sweat a lot. I feel like I have sprinklers grafted to my armpits. I might have to move up to men's antiperspirant soon... If I can find an unscented variety. I'd rather just wear my all-natural deodorant, but I'm too self-conscious about sweat stains on my shirts.

I would like to write a blog with more substance in the near future; unfortunately, teaching does take up much of my free time. On the bright side, I can still check my gmail at school. :)

Time's up! Gotta go teach French!