15 August 2006

In which the author removes head from ass and takes a look around

My boss once called me self-absorbed. At the time, I considered it a great joke (though not a funny one) because it was a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Well, the irony is that I have been pretty self-absorbed lately. In my own little world, I don't spend a lot of time contacting friends I miss, I don't make phone calls to arrange social engagements, and I don't update my blog for weeks on end.

Bad me.

Le changement.

Here's what's been happening. I interviewed for, was offered and accepted a teaching position for September. I'll be teaching Grade 7 English Language Arts, and Grade 4 Core French. There was some murmuring about Grade 5 French yesterday, but I'm hoping that was my principal's delusional rambling. Not that she's prone to such rambling; I don't know her well enough to confirm or deny those rumours.

Within 24 hours of accepting the position, I tendered my resignation in Hell and started the process of extricating myself. I was supposed to be finished on the 7th (a holiday here, so my last day would have been the 4th), but they suddenly decided that I was Most Valuable Employee and begged (negotiated) for me to stay on another two weeks. I drove a hard bargain. They are paying me a full two weeks to work a meager 5 days. I'm gettin' paid double, baby! They basically had no choice. They ignored my earlier suggestions that others be cross-trained in some of the things I did, and because of other things going on, the two weeks I gave wasn't enough time for those applicable to learn anything.

I didn't bother to tell them that, had they not treated me like crap for the better part of 2006 (like, all of it so far) I wouldn't have even been looking for work in the first place.

So now, as this work day draws to a close, I have 2 days left and then two weeks off to rest, recuperate and plan for the ankle-biters.


haitch pee said...

i wondered when you were going to reappear here! hurray for almost being free of hell! hurray for double pay! hurray for new jobs! are you getting an awesome new wardrobe? including, like, ladybug broaches and stuff? and big, beady earrings?!

Me said...

I'm jealous that you are free of hell. I'm heading back to hell in a few short weeks. (a differnet hell from yours, but hell none the less) *sigh*