11 July 2006

My response.

This is just to follow up. Since it's my blog, I don't have to respond in the comments, but I did start to write it there, so catch up from there.

Great link, Tricky. I think the UMs should stand up for themselves a little more against what appears to be a misappropriation of their doctrine. If you didn't follow the link in her comments to Saturday's post, read it now.

I suppose I could have just as easily talked about military spending annoucements in Canada and how I think some of the money could be better spent on foreign aid that might (and studies show, probably would) decrease developping nations' hostility toward the West. I did mention said spending, I guess many of you assumed I meant the US because they're the highest military spenders in the world. It's an easy mistake to make.

My point about gas -- it's not just small talk. It's something that governments feel the need to act on in order to calm people down. In Nova Scotia, the government will waste millions of dollars to set up and maintain a price regulation that will be largely ineffective in keeping costs down. It will ostensibly provide 2 weeks of stability at a time, but, despite seemingly frequent fluctuations, we're now guaranteed a change 26 times per year. I'd love to see the data on whether this is more or less stable than non-regulated pricing.

I'm not trying to argue that people shouldn't believe in Jesus, and I apologize if it did sound that way. Quite the contrary, like "Me" says, I understand why and how people find comfort in Him, and also how belief in Him might inspire some people to act where they might not otherwise. I don't personally hold that exact belief, but I don't deny that my own Anglican upbringing probably has something to do with my passion for helping people now. Obviously, the Church can have an extremely good impact on people (both those who help and are being helped).

To be fair to everyone, as Tricky says, "people are lazy", period. That laziness frustrates the hell out of me. I guess it frustrates me more from a group of people who talk about how it's part of what they believe and they -- not all Christians and not just Christians, but anyone who does this -- have a nap while the shitty stuff happens anyway. Grrrr.


Tricky said...

Amen, sister.

eric said...

gas prices aren't merely fodder for small talk, but neither is it something not important to talk about.

it isn't just about how much it costs us each week to fill our tanks.

it's one of most-crucial threads that ties the fabric of our economy together.