10 July 2006

Change in priorities

I just met some more of my neighbours. They're an older couple who live upstairs. Actually, I'm not sure he does as she introduced him as her "friend". I don't know the context exactly, but it made me think of my Uncle Tub (that's actually what we call him, it's not a pseudonym). He's had a "Lady-friend" for many years now. One would think that they just get married since they enjoy each other's company so much and obviously care for each other a great deal, but here's what the government doesn't tell you.

If you receive pension benefits, including death benefits from the loss of a spouse, you lose them or they're greatly reduced if you remarry. Uncle Tub's friend doesn't want to lose her income or her indeoendence. So, instead, they live next door to each other in the same seniors' complex, and see each other every day. I guess if I was choosing to live like that, I might reconsider what I was looking for in a partner.

I wondered what the story was with my neighbour, but I'm too polite to ask. :P

They were extremely nice. We had a short chat about how I like the place and the weather and barbequing. They said they watched me move in, and have been on the lookout for me. I met them because I decided to step outside to enjoy the sun. It was nice to talk to neighbours. I hope to meet more of them.

When I lived with my parents, we knew all our neighbours quite well. One by one, they have left/are leaving the neighbourhood and as my brother and I got older, we didn't meet the new ones, so the neighbourhood has shrunk. It almost makes me want to bring a caserole to some of the people in my building just as an excuse to say hi.

A man smiled at me on the street the other day. Andrew thought he looked a little crazy, but I think he was probably chuckling to himself about the amount of alcohol we were carrying. Either way, it's nice to share a genuine smile with people. I think it makes everyone feel good, and make people (except, apparently, Andrew) a little less suspicious of others.


Me said...

People think I am crazy because I smile at them. I say hello to all my neighbours - even if I haven't met them formally yet. I think that we spend too much time being introverted and avoiding eye contact - not everyone in the world is crazy! We're all good people (even the crazies sometimes!) and why can't we make eye contact, smile and even say hello? What's the harm? We all live in this world together, why not interact with one another once in a while?


deadwriter said...

No, this man was crazy. It wasn;t just a polite smile. It was a crazy smile, that he had on his face before he saw us, that got bigger when he passed us. The kind where the person's eyes are already really wide staring into nothing. He WAS crazy.