26 June 2006

I (heart) Chicken Kiev

If nothing else good ever came out of Ukraine, I'm okay with that, because there is Chicken Kiev in my life.

I just finished TWO SERVINGS of it for supper and I have to say, "YUM!"

What's there not to like about chicken, garlic, parsley, BUTTER, and bread crumbs.

A good Chicken Kiev will be nice and runny in the middle and satisfyingly crispy on the outside.

I've never eaten it with fries (as pictured). I just had it with a mound of asparagus just now. It goes well with just about any side dish, although I admit to never having tried it with rice.

Three cheers for Chicken Kiev (I suppose, to be politically correct, it should now be referred to as Chicken "Kyiv". Kiev is the Russian spelling and I understand that Ukraine has been trying to push the original spelling, Kyiv, since their independence from the Soviet Union).

On another note, I ate a quart of local strawberries in less than 24 hours. Plain (washed), without sugar or other accoutrements (whipped cream, etc.). I feel gross. I think I'll do without for a while.


haitch pee said...

ok, even before i went veggie, i couldn't stand this stuff. crispy on the outside runny on the inside with creamy sauce? YUCK. I mean, seriously. yuck.

minako said...

It's not supposed to be creamy, it's supposed to be runny. Like melted butter. Because that's what it is. If it's creamy, it's WRONG.

Go back to Veggieland, ya hippie. :P