19 May 2006

Time out

In the course of enjoying my vacation, I decided to wile away the hours by reading some blogs.

Many of you already know my fascination with Bitch Ph.D., and about my involvement in Amnesty International, so when I came across her latest post, I had to post (partially because it's what Dr. Bitch suggests) for myself.

So, if you don't want to click the links, here's the upsetting deal:

A woman in Iran has been sentenced to death for stabbing a man to death. Besides being stidently opposed to the death penalty, the reason for her guilt is dubious to the point of madness.

The man she stabbed was -- along with two other men -- trying to rape her and her niece. Here's a fun catch-22: if they had succeeded, she could have been tried for extra-marital sex. So, it's a lovely example of damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I'm relatively certain that, in most Western countries, self-defense would have applied and she would have been release without prejudice. I'm being restrained because I'm ANGRY about it.

Read more here.

And do something about it. Please. It's so easy to be safe and secure when you live in a country where, if something similar (though, generally (hopefully) unlikely) were to happen to you, the law would ostensibly step in and hand out some justice.

Here's how you can do something.

Save Nazanin

If you're pissed off enough, contact the Canadian branch of the Iranian Embassy:

Mr. Seyed Mouhammad Ali Moosavi (Ambassador)
Address: 245 Metcalfe St., Ottawa, ON K2P 2K2
Tel: 613-235-4726
Fax : 613-233-5712

And, of course, there's an online petition.



Tricky said...

Thing is, they've been killing women in Iran for ridiculous reasons for at least 20 years. Last year, they hung a 17 year old from a crane, publically, for hurting men who were raping her. I hope she got their balls.

I have to wonder if the media exposure in the last few years is paving the way for Bush and Co. to dive on into an Iran invasion. Our media sure didn't care say, five years ago.

Tricky said...

Incidently, good on you for talking about the violence against women...didn't mean to come off all snotraggy...