12 May 2006

Death Wish

Can someone please explain this to me?

Last night, I went to my parents' for supper. Unfortunately, there were no leftovers, but it was a pleasant and delicious meal. I also stepped on the scale to discover that, not only did I gain back the weight I previously lost, but I also gained two more pounds. I am simultaneously upset and blasé about this.

That's not what needs explaining.

On my way home, I became lazy-driver because I was tired. At the turn-off to get on the highway home, I did a half-assed shoulder check, looked in my side mirror and moved over. Then the horn blared.

I cut off (possibly almost killed) a motorcyclist. I felt bad when I heard the horn and in my rearview mirror I saw said cyclyst swerve back into the lane behind me. I really did feel bad and stupid, but as I was driving, there wasn't much I could do to make amends.

Apparently, he had ideas. He drove up along the driver's side of my car (between myself and the car in the next lane) close enough that, had my window been down, I could have easily touched his sleeve. He was gesturing and shouting something, but since I was driving, I didn't look. Then he sped up and cut me off. Then he turned around on his bike and started shaking his fist. There was more yelling before he finally gave me the finger and tore off. Considering the speed he was moving along the highway, I'd say he was doing 120-140 klicks, easily.

So tell me: how was that supposed to indicate to me that what I did was dangerous and stupid? At this point, would you have felt bad for what you had done?

I'm pretty sure him flying off his motorcycle at 140 km/hr would be far more unhealthy than me bumping him at 45 while I merge into traffic.

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Me said...

I had some crazy guy follow me home one night. Apparently I cut him off (Which I still don't think I did, it was heavy traffic and I had to merge and there was room, he just chose to SPEED UP as I merged to cause shit). He honked his horn, flashed his lights, got really close to my bumper...all the way home.

Now, I had just been to the dentist and had some horrible tasting stuff in my mouth and just wanted to get myself home so I could rid myself of the uncomfort I was in. So I just drove home. He followed me all the way there.

I got out of my car and put my arms in the air as to say, "What the hell do you want me to do?!" He looked at me, probably realized that I was a chIck and, "Woah, I don't fight chicks" and then drove away.

What did it prove? Hmmm? It only proved that he was pissed, (which I understood from the horn blaring) and that I did something wrong. There wasn't much I could do after it was done except say, "Mea Culpa!" but apparently that wasn't enough, he had to harass me for the rest of my drive home.

People are strange. And that happened in Nova Scotia. People drive like maniacs in Toronto, but I've never been followed home out here. I just get flipped the bird and people go on their way. Nova Scotia is too small and people have WAAAAY too much time. ;)