09 March 2006

Ray of Light

I had lunch with my former boss today. I think he's great. I only worked for him for 4 months, but I think it may have been one of my greatest work experiences ever.

Brian was my first events boss. We did a large-scale public event for the city. At the time, I don't think I understood how large-scale it was. I somehow got through it. Mostly by ignoring the large-scale factor, I think.

My boss was a good boss. He had a sense of humour, which I consider an essential trait. He also wasn't a dictatorial boss; also very important. He also trusted me. He would give me a stack of files and say, "Go work." I wouldn't have any clue what the files were or what I was supposed to do with them, so I just worked. If I was really stuck, I felt totally comfortable asking for help, bust mostly he just let me go at it in whatever way worked for me. I think that's the last time (excepting some practice or substitute teaching experiences) that I felt so supported by a superior (who isn't my father).

So, I took Brian (the boss), to lunch today. I have owed him one for a while. Probably since last summer, because I vaguely remember us sitting on a patio in the sun and me being worried about my skin turning red and peeling off in a lizard-like fashion.

Besides just liking Brian, I wanted to ask him for some advice on how to work with my current stupid boss. We never really got that far. He asked me some questions about how work was going, and I answered in the negative. I admitted to not really liking/respecting Don that much (at all). He admitted the same, having encountered him through business numerous times.

I didn't say, "I wish Don would quit and that Bristol would hire you," but I sure thought it with vigour.

Then Brian said, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

I said, "Shoot."

He asked how much I currently make, and I told him. Not typically a polite topic of conversation, but I don't mind from Brian. Acutally, in general I have no embarassment talking about how much I make. Hell, I could look up half my friends' salaries on the internet because they either work for school boards or government agencies. I might be off slightly, but that info is all public domain. I don't really think earnings are something people should be ashamed of, as long as you're not bragging or assuming that you are somehow entitled to more respect/perks/whatever because of a number on your T4. I guess that's the socialist in me...?

He then mentioned that someone on his staff is going on maternity leave. He mentioned that I might enjoy the job. I didn't even ask what the job was; I was thinking I'd enjoy anything that wasn't working with Don. But it's maternity leave (as mentioned) so it doesn't included an sense of permanancy at all. I did mention thinking about going back to teaching sooner than later, and it would be a nice jumping point since that definitive end date would be sometime during the 2006-07 school year.

I didn't commit to anything, but I expressed interest. I also suggested that maybe I could be seconded (sih-kond-ed -- under transitive verb, 4th definition) from my current job, which would allow me to come back after the term ended. He said he'd suggest it to Big Boss (aka, Dad) forthwith.

So, it's an exciting opportunity and could solve a tricky problem for me.

But really, it's just awesome to be reminded that I don't suck and that some people do think I'm good to work with and a good worker, etc.

The thought of working with Brian again is soooo tempting though, secondment or not.

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haitch pee said...

oooo, if it wasn't almost 11:00 your time (and ER time here ;) ) I'd soooo call you.
Lots of happy thoughts.