19 March 2006

Nothing Doing

That is to say, I have nothing to do.

Essentially, I am waiting to hear back from Amanda about going for coffee. In the meantime, I am tired and lethargic. I'm not even bored, though I am amazed at the sheer lack of speed with which time is moving today.

In the shower earlier, I started composing an imaginary resignation:

Dear Dumbass,

I am writing to tender my resignation. I feel that the situation in the last few month has been demoralizing. I feel that I am not invited to be part of the team and that my presence is, at best, tolerated. I would prefer to be appreciated and valued.

While I understand that the situation is not all about me, I do not agree with your judgement that I am "self-absorbed". I strongly resent the implication, and consider such a declaration to be a poor management style designed to subjugate as opposed to solving the problem.

During the last few months in particular, you made a decision about my level of commitment to my job without soliciting any input from me. Rather than test your theory, you created a situation that made it increasingly difficult to address the root issue. As a result, I have been relegated to a pseudo-administrative position that does not fit the framework of my job description as presented when I signed my full-time contract.

At no time do I feel that constructive criticism was given that addressed the perceived problems; rather I was passed over on projects in favour of someone whom you arbitrarily determined to be "more reliable". If my work was not up to par, I feel you should have addressed this with me when it became a problem, as opposed to avoiding the issue and creating uncomfortable and compromising situations.

I have lost trust in your ability to lead the team, or to manage in a fair, unpredjudiced manner. I feel that your statement of me letting personal feelings affect my work is, at best, inconsistent, and at worst, hypocritical. I do not feel that my standing should depend on your mood of the day.

As such, I have decided to resume my career in education.

I wish you luck as you build the events business, and I hope that you are able to find a replacement who can better suit your needs and moods.



This isn't what I would actually say; it's a fantasy. However, should the time come, I really hope I do get to point out that he is a pompous, self-serving ass and that I am not deficient in my work ethic or ability to shoulder responsibility.

Maybe I'll send that to my mother and see what she says about it.

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