30 March 2006


In my last post there is a comment about lists stiffling discussion. I was going to post a comment in reply but decided that another post was warranted.

If I somehow purported that the list was full and complete, I would agree that it cuts off discussion, but in fact I finished the IWD post by encouraging people to take a look, and to talk about women who inspired them. I asked for input from other people. So while I may agree with the principle that lists aren't the best way to foster discussion, as a trained (but not practising) teacher, I think it was a good starting point.

Further, I also wanted to point out that not all great things that have happened can be attributed to men. For example, while a certain man is attributed to "scientifically" inventing vaccinations, it was actually a woman who brought this treatment to the Western world, thus virtually eliminating diseases such as smallpox. I used International Women's Day as a catalyst to make people aware of some of these acomplishments, just as many people do, worldwide.

Mostly, I'm still disappointed that it was largely ineffectual.


minako said...

I have seen the additional comment in the post below retracting the position on lists. I still wanted to get my thoughts out.

Dr. Weezie said...

It wasn't "largely ineffectual"! I checked out lots of the women and learned quite a bit. I then started surfing around about women's stuff in general and ended up solidifying and rejuvenating my views on reproductive rights and women in academics! You DID inspire me. I just didn't think I had anything inspiring to say in return at the moment. :)

Me said...

I had no problem with the list. I just don't really like the idea of special days. That's all! Really!