08 March 2006

Happy International Women's Day

I'm not going to expostulate at length about feminism or the plight of women. Suffice it to say, there's still a lot of work to be done when it comes to equality between the sexes.

But today, let's take a moment and thank all (and list some -- alphabetically) of the women who made/make the world a better place.

Agnodice -- Ancient Greek Physician
Isabella Andreini -- Actor, Writer
Mary Anning -- Paleontologist
Susan B. Anthony -- Civil Rights Leader
Joan Baez -- Musician, Activist
Pearl Bailey -- Actor, Singer, Philanthropist
Aphra Behn -- Author
Sarah Bernhardt -- Actor
Elizabeth Blackwell -- First American Female Medical Doctor
Agnes Campbell Macphail -- First woman elected to Canadian House of Commons
Kim Campbell -- Canadian Prime Minister
Emily Carr -- Artist
Charlotte Church -- Soprano Singer
Helen Creighton -- Folklorist, Folksong Collector
Marie Curie -- Physicist, Discovered Radium, Pioneered Cancer Treatments
Dorothy Dandridge -- Actor
Simone de Beauvoir -- Philosopher
Properzia dé Rossi -- Artist
Marlene Dietrich -- Actor
Queen Elizabeth I -- British Monarch
Ella Fitzgerald -- Jazz Singer
Betty Friedan -- Social Activist, Feminist
Elizabeth Fry -- Political Activist
Indira Gandhi -- Indian Prime Minister
Hatshepsut -- Egyptian Pharaoh
General Fu Hao -- Shang Dynasty Warrior
Felicity Huffman -- Actor
Hypatia of Alexandria -- Mathematician
Laura Ingalls Wilder -- Frontier Author
Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre -- Composer
Joan of Arc -- Saint, War Captain
Frida Kahlo --Artist
Cindy Klassen -- Olympic Speed Skater
Silken Laumann -- Olympic Rower
Maud Lewis -- Artist
Joni Mitchell -- Musician, Painter
Lucy Maud Montgomery -- Author
Martha Munger Black -- Adventurer, Canadian MP
Emily Murphy -- Women's Rights Activist, First Canadian Magistrate, Author
Martina Navratilova -- Tennis Player
Sandra Day O'Connor -- US Supreme Court Justice
Rosa Parks -- Civil Rights Activist
Eva Perón -- Actor, Activist
Beatrix Potter -- Author, Illustrator, Biologist
Harriet Quimby -- Pilot, Journalist
Sally Ride -- Astronaut, Physicist
Sappho -- Poet
Sandra Schmirler -- Olympic Curler
Sophie Scholl -- Social Activist
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton -- Educator, Philanthropist
Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales -- Social Activist
Gloria Steinem -- Human Rights Activist
Junko Tabei -- Mountain Climber
Shirley Temple Black -- Actress, Ambassador
Mother Teresa of Calcutta -- Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Social Activist
Karen Uhlenbeck -- Mathematician
Queen Victoria -- British Monarch
Ruth Westheimer -- Phychologist, Sexologist
Rose Wilder Lane -- Journalist, Author
Mary Wollstonecraft -- Philosopher, Feminist
Virginia Woolf -- Author
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu -- Writer, Brought Vaccine to Western World (smallpox)
Maud Younger -- Social Activist, Suffragette
Zenobia -- Warrior Queen

I tried to find someone whose last name starts with an X. I couldn't find one.

Take a look at what some of these women have done. And tell me about some of your own favourite women who make/made our world a better place. My personal favourite, besides L. M. Montgomery, of course, is Lady Mary Wortley Montagu -- she predated the reported inventor of the smallpox vaccine by about 75 years. Take that, men!

Oh, yeah, and thanks to my mom. She's always been a pretty great woman to look up to.

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