22 January 2006

Election Eve

This was sent to me in an e-mail from my mother. I like the idea of people voting for what they might actually believe instead of what the media has presented.

After the last US presidential election, a poll was conducted asking voters what their thoughts were on a number of government and policy issues, comparing the Republican platform to that of the Democrats. To their surprise, a strong majority of the people who had voted Republican resoundingly agreed with Democrat policies.

So why the disconnect? It seems that many people base their vote on superficial things like "He seems trustworthy" or "That's just how I always vote". Unfortunately, trustworthiness can't be legislated but a lot of other things that are much more likely to impact your life can.

Below is a link to a "Quiz" created by the CBC to help undecided or uninformed voters determine which party platform best represents their views on actual ISSUES. For each of 12 main campaign issues, you select whether you agree or disagree (or neither) with 4 statements. Each statement represents the agenda of one party, although you aren't told which until the end.

So please take a few minutes to go through it - you'll feel much better about your vote than if you were to base it on mud-slinging and rhetoric....

CBC Canada Votes 2006 :: Vote By Issue Quiz


Dr. Weezie said...

A word to the wise, though ... some of those CBC questions are worded trickily. Make sure "I believe in personal freedom" ... doesn't translate to "everybody should be allowed to own unlicensed semi-automatic rifles and handguns," for instance!

I like the tried-n-true read-the-whole-danged-platform (a.k.a. read-the-whole-danged-platform-until-you-get-too-pissed-off) method.

I also like what Greenpeace did this year, asking a host of super-detailed questions to each & every party. They then simply provided links to the answers, in full. (Minus the Conservatives, of course, who have never answered any of my questions either, and who obviously wouldn't want to answer any on the environment.)

It's here:


;) Dr. Weezie

Jenni said...

Boo...I couldn't get the link to work. Even when I googled it. I am thinking NDP maybe the lesser of evils. I also hate that the commercials this year are all attack ads and have no info at all!