07 October 2005

I Hear Matt Good's a Real Asshole

Or not.


So, Lani wins the Going for a Longshot award in the Friends category.

After my car was hit up for a smash-and-grab, Lani wrote an e-mail to Matthew good via his website. She told him about what happened to my car and about how my CDs were stolen. I'm not sure exactly what she said. I never saw the e-mail.

Anyway, that was back in August. Of course, months go by and you assume nothing will happen because Matthew Good is a rock star and a very busy man.

Yesterday, I got home from work early, because I had a doctor's appt mid-afternoon and didn't feel like going back.

When I checked my mail, there was a big package stuffed in the box that I had to yank and swear at to get it out. The mailperson obvious forgot that the hole to put mail in the box is bigger than the hole to take it out. It took some pulling, but it finally came.

I didn't recognize the return address. It was from somewhere in Toronto. My first thought was, "Did I sign up for something at the trade show in Toronto and give my home address instead of work?"

I sorted through the former tenents' mail first (if you ever more please pay to have your mail forwarded -- it is a pain in the ass for the new tenet, or they may just throw it out and then you'll get dinged on your credit card bill). Then I went at the package. It was something large inside a manilla envelope. I tore open the envelope with thoughts that my enemies had finally found me and I was about to meet my doom with a mail bomb.

Inside the manila envelope was a sealed, padded FedEx envelope. This is when I got the first glimmer that it might be something good. I poked at it and felt around to see if I coulf figure it out. I could discern two separate solid objects.

I grabbed the scissors and went at it. The first thing I saw was White Light Rock & Roll Review. That's when my jaw dropped open as seven -- count 'em SEVEN -- Matthew Good CDs tumbled out of the package.

Holy Shit!!

That's about all I could think for a while, so it took me that much longer to realize that, indeed, that were all SIGNED!!!

I was shaking, I started sweating, and I pranced around for a minute trying to figure out what I was supposed to do.

When my brain kicked in, I lept for the phone and called Lani's cell. It was only 3:20 in T-dot, but I thought I would be catching her after work. Not on. So, I called her apartment, waited impatiently for a dozen rings, then the painfully slow outgoing message before... BEEP!

I don't even know what I said. It was probably pretty frightening listening to it on Lani's end. I'm pretty sure I said "Holy shit" a whole lot. Maybe it was an out of body experience, because it felt like I was hearing my voice outside my head. After babbling for a few minutes I hung up and danced around again.

The I called Andrew and freaked out. Then I called Foo and freaked out. I think I told many of them that I was, in fact, "freakin' out." I really was.

I eventually found the note in the manila envelope that said that my friend Lani wrote about what happened, and here were some CDs to "help you out". :D

I called Steve from work (he's an MG fan, too) to share the news. He was appropriately impressed. He even called a friend to brag about what a nice guy MG is. :) One of the CDs I got is actually a duplicate. One of mine was spared pilfering because it was on my desk at home. Another copy was included in the package I got. Feeling generous, I offered him a duplicate. I really don't need two, and sice this was such an amazing nice thing, I wanted to share the wealth.

I wrote MG a letter thanking him for being so generous and kind. I sent Lani a million (L)'s on MSN, and a big mwah.

These CDs will NOT stay in my car. They will sit in the comfort and safety of my apartment. They will be photographed and catalogued against future attempts on their safety.

You know, these ones are more valuable to me than the ones he signed at his concerts. The ones he signed then were just for Girl #1 in line at his bus. First in a long line. These are ones he signed and sent to me specifically, at Lani's request. Even better.

THe only thing left to sort out now is what do I do with the CDs I boguht on eBay?


Me said...

I posted the actual email I wrote to Matthew Good on my blog. It's funny because I said, "I dont' expect you to send her a bunch of CDs or anything" and that's exactly what they did.

I'm just so glad that they did something for you - I knew how much those CDs meant to you. I'm happy.

Now, could you please get me some autographed CDs by Yo Yo Ma? ;) Ha!

Agate said...

What a great story!! I guess you can sell the CDs you bought on Ebay at Andrew's collectable table next time he has one, or on ebay, or you could keep them for the car. I can't believe he sent you new ones. That's awesome.