29 October 2005


I just ate 4 two-bite brownies. That's 8 bites.

I'm listening to the sound of my fingers typing and the dryer's steady, rhythmic hum.

A car alarm was going off a little while ago. I could hear my upstairs neighbour go to the window to see what was going on. It amused me because finding the source of the honking wasn't going to make it stop.

My neck hurts and I've been sitting up far too long for my "condition". I should be resting more, but lying flat is pretty boring.

I think I need a new dryer. The one I have works, but I'm approaching 1.5 hours to dry this one load. That seems a bit much to me. I just cleaned the lint trap (I hate this lint trap) so hopefully that will help.

I'm going to see Nikah tonight, which is exciting. I think it's been almost a year since I last saw her. She's having a Hallowe'en party. I'm going as a "Call Girl". It's not what you think. I'll try to get a picture and post it later.

Jenni has just informed me that she won't make brunch plans for tomorrow, so I am sad. I tried to book her early so she could make time for this, but I guess it's not going to happen. It was supposed to be her belated birthday present, and I had the perfect place in mind. Good food, but not too pricey. She says maybe next weekend, but next weekend isn't after payday. Hopefully I'll remember to save some. Lately everything extra I end up with goes straight on my credit cards.

I have no interest in seeing this new Zorro movie. I saw a scene from the last one on TV a while back, and it struck me as contrived. I feel that Disney should be able to do better. I think they're trying to piggyback on Pirates of the Carribean, because they've not had much success with their live-action movies of late. I think Antonio Banderas as the man with the mask is a bit too cliché. I guess he takes the parts that don't require too much effort so he can spend more time with Melanie Griffith. She used to be hot, so maybe I'd want to spend time with her too.

I want Everything is Illuminated to come, but I guess it must be too artsy, because Empire decided not to open it on any screens east of Ontario, I guess.

Here, Empire really is just that. Like a dictatorship. They have a monopoly on movie-going in NS, with the exception, I think, of a few independents in more rural areas. I don't think another megaplex would necessarily help, unless the theatres started actually bidding for different movies, instead of just fighting for more copies of the same movie. I guess the same problem exists with Canadian cinema, too. But I suspect, as I heard someone say on the radio, that marketing plays a huge part in that too.

Google Talk should be awesome, but it sucks. I don't understand why they didn't wait to give it some actual useful features before they released it. There are probably lots of people who would rather use it because it's not a Microsoft product, but they have a long way to go before they're on par. Part of the awesomeness would be that it's advertising-free, but it will be hard to convince people to switch from MSN. We are all indoctrinated.

I guess I will go get supper so I can get ready for the party. Happy Hallowe'en.

17 October 2005

Hey everybody, guess what!

I was rear-ended this morning.

Yes, it hurt. Yes, I am okay. My neck and shoulders are stiff and sore. I already saw my doctor and he has referred me to physio. I have an assessment tomorrow.

My car is driveable, but needs fixin'. The bumper needs a patch and paint, along with the read driver's side panel.

The other person was at fault because she hit me from behind.

I don't want to sue. I just want some assurance that this won't spike my auto insurance.


I was sent home by my doctor for rest and ice. Now I am bored.

15 October 2005


The letter from Matt Good's Management Company:

07 October 2005

I Hear Matt Good's a Real Asshole

Or not.


So, Lani wins the Going for a Longshot award in the Friends category.

After my car was hit up for a smash-and-grab, Lani wrote an e-mail to Matthew good via his website. She told him about what happened to my car and about how my CDs were stolen. I'm not sure exactly what she said. I never saw the e-mail.

Anyway, that was back in August. Of course, months go by and you assume nothing will happen because Matthew Good is a rock star and a very busy man.

Yesterday, I got home from work early, because I had a doctor's appt mid-afternoon and didn't feel like going back.

When I checked my mail, there was a big package stuffed in the box that I had to yank and swear at to get it out. The mailperson obvious forgot that the hole to put mail in the box is bigger than the hole to take it out. It took some pulling, but it finally came.

I didn't recognize the return address. It was from somewhere in Toronto. My first thought was, "Did I sign up for something at the trade show in Toronto and give my home address instead of work?"

I sorted through the former tenents' mail first (if you ever more please pay to have your mail forwarded -- it is a pain in the ass for the new tenet, or they may just throw it out and then you'll get dinged on your credit card bill). Then I went at the package. It was something large inside a manilla envelope. I tore open the envelope with thoughts that my enemies had finally found me and I was about to meet my doom with a mail bomb.

Inside the manila envelope was a sealed, padded FedEx envelope. This is when I got the first glimmer that it might be something good. I poked at it and felt around to see if I coulf figure it out. I could discern two separate solid objects.

I grabbed the scissors and went at it. The first thing I saw was White Light Rock & Roll Review. That's when my jaw dropped open as seven -- count 'em SEVEN -- Matthew Good CDs tumbled out of the package.

Holy Shit!!

That's about all I could think for a while, so it took me that much longer to realize that, indeed, that were all SIGNED!!!

I was shaking, I started sweating, and I pranced around for a minute trying to figure out what I was supposed to do.

When my brain kicked in, I lept for the phone and called Lani's cell. It was only 3:20 in T-dot, but I thought I would be catching her after work. Not on. So, I called her apartment, waited impatiently for a dozen rings, then the painfully slow outgoing message before... BEEP!

I don't even know what I said. It was probably pretty frightening listening to it on Lani's end. I'm pretty sure I said "Holy shit" a whole lot. Maybe it was an out of body experience, because it felt like I was hearing my voice outside my head. After babbling for a few minutes I hung up and danced around again.

The I called Andrew and freaked out. Then I called Foo and freaked out. I think I told many of them that I was, in fact, "freakin' out." I really was.

I eventually found the note in the manila envelope that said that my friend Lani wrote about what happened, and here were some CDs to "help you out". :D

I called Steve from work (he's an MG fan, too) to share the news. He was appropriately impressed. He even called a friend to brag about what a nice guy MG is. :) One of the CDs I got is actually a duplicate. One of mine was spared pilfering because it was on my desk at home. Another copy was included in the package I got. Feeling generous, I offered him a duplicate. I really don't need two, and sice this was such an amazing nice thing, I wanted to share the wealth.

I wrote MG a letter thanking him for being so generous and kind. I sent Lani a million (L)'s on MSN, and a big mwah.

These CDs will NOT stay in my car. They will sit in the comfort and safety of my apartment. They will be photographed and catalogued against future attempts on their safety.

You know, these ones are more valuable to me than the ones he signed at his concerts. The ones he signed then were just for Girl #1 in line at his bus. First in a long line. These are ones he signed and sent to me specifically, at Lani's request. Even better.

THe only thing left to sort out now is what do I do with the CDs I boguht on eBay?

04 October 2005

I'm not an American, but i'm still a Democrat

You are a

Social Liberal
(60% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
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You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

02 October 2005

Welcome to October

Today I have been in my condo for 3 weeks. It is still messy, although most of the dishes are done. I even did some laundry.

In some ways I still feel like I'm recovering from Heather's wedding last weekend. In others, I know it's way past time for me to get off my ass and start sorting out my own life.

The wedding was awesome. Definitely the best I've ever been to, although I think being somewhat involved and actually being good friends with the bride and groom helped. I wasn't the youngest person there, I wasn't the distant friend from out of town, and I even had a date.

The three most frustrating things that happened (in no particular order) were:

a) The limo broke down. It appears the the limo drive was just pulling out of his driveway to come get us when the limo died. We had a small panic. The limo company had a small panic. In the end they sent two town cars, which worked out well. It just didn't fit what we wanted, which was to all be in one car as a wedding party. We were late, and so the ceremony ran late, but it eventually worked out and meant less standing around after the fact.

b) My hairdresser sucked. Kelly, my regular hairdresser, was taking her salon to a Women in Business show, so I booked the bridesmaids into a neighbouring salon. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted done because Kelly had done it a few times before and Heather had actually asked that I do something similar. Kelly would have done it. The girl I had did not.
It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. And it definitely looked out of place from what the rest of the girls had, which made me sad. In retrospect, I should have just asked for something similar to what Jeannie and Jennetta were getting so the bridesmaids all matched. I didn't look terrible. We all referred to it as my "rock star hair." I just sort of wish that it had been a little more conventional.

c) It was cold. It was actually a lovely day, but as the sun started to go down, the wind came up, and we all stood in strapless dresses, being outside for wedding photos felt like a bad idea. I'm pretty sure my lips matched my dress (see above). I'm hoping they can airbrush that out.

But, considering that those were the three worst things that happened, I think the wedding went really well.

Heather and Mike looked so happy. Mom took this picture while they were having their First Waltz. Andy really came through as Best Man wit his speech and video. If he ever sends it, I'll try to post it for people to see, because it was seriouly an awesome project. He did a funny reenactment of when Mike and Heather first met using heads on sticks and quite a bit of creative license. For example, Mike doesn't really sound like Christopher Walken as mafia king.

The whole thing made me a little afraid of weddings. Being that close to the planning and seeing how much work it is made me a little nervous. It seems like a lot of stress for a few hours of benefit. But, being an event planner, I guess I understand. It just all seemed so crazy and seemed to go so fast. I never got to ask Heather if she was actually enjoying herself or if it was all just a blur. I've heard so many people say that -- and that's why videographers are essential now; people actually want to remember what happened.

The other strange/interesting/neat thing about Heather's wedding, was the "high school reuinion" aspect. Heather is a lot better at keeping in touch with her friends from high school, even though she's in a different place in her life. Heather is my only friend left from my high school, and Foo is the only other one left from my high school era (Kris doesn't count because, really, we're friends from pre-school). She didn't have a ton of high school friends there, but she invited quite a few more than I think I would if I were getting married now. Those are the six of us. Amanda, Krista, Heather (you know, the one in the wedding dress), Courtney, me, and Lindsay. Of all of them, Amanda and Heather would be the only ones I'd invite if I were getting married tomorrow. It's weird to even have conversations with some of them. Especially when you can pinpoint the end of the friendship with certain ones. So it was weirdto put all that aside and just talk. I guess weddings are as much of a reunion as a union. Well, the big ones anyway.

Maybe they aren't too much work after all.