15 September 2005

Moved in

I am officially living in my condo. I still have lots of cleaning and organizing to do, but most of that will have to wait. Some days the hot water works, some days it doesn't, but that will have to wait. Some days I love my kitchen, some days I'm ready to gut the whole thing, but that will have to wait.

Currently I am in WEDDING MODE. Lew is getting married next Saturday, and as a bridesmaid, I have much work. For example, the bachelorette is tomorrow night. Dinner, drinking, dancing. The usual fare. Plus some Lew-specific fun; GNI with movies and sugar.

I'm also taking two days off next week to help with anything I can. That will also include an appointment for underarm torture and eyebrow weeding. And, if I can squeeze it in, a manicure. I'd really like to go get a spray tan for my pasty skin, but they're expensive and I'm afraid of looking like a streaky blood orange. Jury's still out.

In the meantime, I'm going home to the parentals for supper and a needle.

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