10 September 2005

Almost done

In about 24 hours or so, I will be officially living in my condo.

I have groceries. I have some clothes. I can do laundry and even bake a cake (Hooray for PC Organic cake mix!).

And how do I feel about all this? Tired. Stressed. Run down. Frustrated. And topping the list: Scared.

And all I get from people is "How exciting!" etc., etc. Except my mother who says, "You're leaving tomorrow? Forever?"

Yes. And it is exciting. And in the very near future I will become more and more aware of how wonderful it is to be a grown-up, and how I will enjoy being able to do ____ when I feel like it, and how much better it will be to have a shorter commute to work, etc., etc.

Until then, I just want to wake up and have it all done. My room here cleaned out, and everything magically away and organized in my new space. I want my new blinds bought and mounted. I want actual furniture. I want to find my dishpan, drying rack, shower curtain, and tools. And then I want all the old unusable, crappy stuff I own to magically organize itself into piles for my to sell at a yard sale.

Until then, I have laundry to do and pack.

I'm tired.

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Me said...

At least you are moving out into a place that you aren't renting. I hate renting. All I want is to have my money go towards something - even if it is all interest for the first few years. ;)