14 August 2005

This sucks

I have a cold. Summer colds are the worst. At least in the winter it makes sense to stay inside, keep warm, and moan all day. In the summer it's just a waste. I woke up shortly after 7 am with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. It's not a surprise. It's been coming for a couple of weeks and I've been using herbal remedies to stave it off as long as possible. But now that my weekend events are over, I guess I don't have a choice.

My plan for today is to do lots of cooking that will afford me lots of homemade frozen meals to keep me nourished for a couple of days, at least. However, it's after noon and I'm still in my pjs. I actually planned to do all this yesterday, but didn't get out of my pjs until 4:30 pm. I did manage to get to the grocery store, but that was the sum total of my productivity.

I don't feel like bathing. I don't feel like concentrating. I feel like going back to bed. If I can get one dish in the oven, I will consider myself a productive member of society. Then I'll reward myself with more sleep.

What makes me really sad is that it will be worse tomorrow and I can't stay home from work because I have two deadlines in two days, and I haven't started either.

I think the cold is my punishment for procrastinating.

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