10 August 2005

Interesting, methinks

Yesterday I heard an interview with a former US Attorney General who is now a leading civil rights activist who is advising Saddam Hussein's new lawyer (after his family fired his international legal team of 1500).

He thinks the war in Iraq is bullshit (my term -- he calls it "false premises"). Even without "WMDs", the US have a flimsy case at best. Invading a country to install democracy is about as legitimate as invading a country to spread Islam or Communism or Buddhism or kitty-worship in the eyes of the people who believe it's right about everything else. It's not a legitimate argument.

I'm paraphrasing.

I'm not writing to make an argument for or against the war in Iraq and it's motivations, but I think he speaks of a perspective that I've wanted to put into words, but didn't know how to form the thought.

Hear Ramsey Clark's full interview here.

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