18 August 2005

I want to party!

For the past few years, Ryan B. has had a birthday party at his cottage. This year, no one has heard any indication that it's going head. Well, not in my circles, anyway. I'm disappointed. I've always like Ryan's parties. The first one was cool because of the bonfire. The second one was fune because I hadn't seen a lot of people in a while. The third one was fun because, well, frankly, that's where I met Andrew. I think Iremember that better than he does, since he spent most of the night wildly intoxicated. Oh, I also spent a lot of time telling Todd that he is a cool person, and that there's nothing freakish about him that keeps women away from him. I still think he should get a haircut.

I suppose I'll get over it if it turns out he's really not having one, or that he's decided not to invite me. But it's always fun, a chance to see people I don't normally see anymore, and it's on a lake.

I always manage to somehow get through the whole day/night without peeing so I won't have to use the outhouse. That's a feat.

Rick said he'd call Jamie to find out. I wish I still had Ryan's number. I'd call him myself.


Me said...

Is Ryan calling the Jamie that I used to know? The one that is getting married?

minako said...

Rick is calling Jamie. And yes, that Jamie. Your ex. Who is still, to the best of my knowledge, getting married in October. And I'm not invited. :P

Me said...

I'm not invited either - but that's okay. It was forever ago - so I hardly think of him as an ex - more like something that happened in high school and first year ;)