06 July 2005

That makes me sad

I just heard that London won the 2012 Summer Olympics. I am saddened. I wanted Paris to win. I'd like to go to the Olympics some time, and I thought that a combined vacation to Paris would be a nice treat. Time to reschedule my plans.


Me said...

You could go to Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics. That would be fun. And then you could pay for things in Canadian dollars and no in euros or sterling. I plan to go to Vancouver in 2010 - should be good times! :)

MeghanTheDominator said...

yeah.. and at least the billions of dollars ... er.... pounds england spent to make all the olympic stadiums are going to be used. what a waste if they hadn't.
i agree with Lani. the one in Vancouver will be great, i would love to go and watch it.