23 June 2005

I really don't invite this stuff

Yesterday was quite the day.

I was fired for the second time in my life.

The first was from working at a major office supply box store for something I wasn't responsible for. I didn't really like the job, but it sucked.

Yesterday I was fired from volunteering.

I'm on the Social Committee at work. I was asked to join in the winter, even though my job at the time was tenuous at best. I was happy to oblige. It sounded like fun.

Well, a few weeks ago a new SC president was chosen by acclamation (no one else ran). She's more of a despot than a committee leader. She consuults us nominally, and then goes ahead and does what she wants anyway.

For example, after weeks of complaining about the cost of out summer party meal, she decided to offer everyone free drinks (even though we don't have the budget for it). She also "agreed" that hiring a dj would be too expensive, but rented a stereo system, instead of letting someone lend their own.

Yesterday was 6 days past the deadline for our catering contract to be renewed. After asking her to send it in, I finally went ahead and did it myself. I have a good relationship with these people, they were cutting us a deal, and I wasn't about to let this woman's incompetence ruin that.

So, I faxed it off (which was well in my authoirty since I was the contracty contact), and sent the committee an e-mail to that effect.

I got an e-mail back from the SC prez, demanding how I could do that without consulting anyone/giving her notice/etc. I wrote bck outlining the WHOLE process of the contract, includng the numerous times I'd asked for her input.

Shortly thereafter, she burst into my cubicle, accused me of being a liar, and proceeded to rip me a new asshole (which, as I understand from Robyn, is quite unpleasant). I wasn't listening, though. I had headphones on and was working on a deadline for Don. I asked her twice to come back when I was done to talk about it. She said, "No. You're done. We don't need you." And stormed off.



Part 2 to follow.


Jenni said...

I was scared there for a minute that you got fired from your job job...you almost got a phone call, but then I kept on reading...

Me said...

She sounds like a bitch. Let her do it and she'll do it poorly and then she'll be crying.