16 May 2005

Deep breaths

Two days left in this work week. My short vacation is less than 72 hours away.

It probably seems odd that I'm so desperate for a vacation when I spent most of the first two months of this calendar year unemployed. But unemployment isn't relaxing. Lately, I feel my stress levels going up, up, UP.

Maybe, like Lani said on Jaclyn's blog, it's because this is past the time when I usually get an annual break. Maybe it's because I'm addicted to vacations. In either case, I'll soon get my fix.

I was sitting on the bus this afternoon, contemplating my naval, and I was struck by a sudden fear. What if I become one of those adults who just stops? I don't want my mind to stagnate. I had a horrible realization that I'm doing absolutely nothing to expand my brain. I'm afraid that my vocabulary is slipping because I have to tone it down for the general public with whom I work. I think I'm starting to mumble more because I care less and less about what I have to say -- yet I become more and more frustrated when people don't understand me.

I'm seeking genuine suggestions (bearing in mind extreme lack of fundage) to expand my brain. Any thoughts?


Me said...

Read more. Read books about science and things that you normally wouldn't read. Do more crosswords, attempt the cryptic crossword once in a while. Watch the Discovery channel often. Stop watching Maury Povich and Regis and Kelly. Eat your vegetables. Don't eat as much sugar.

Why do I feel like the Sunscreen song??

Tricky said...

My grandfather told me when i was little that he'd play blackjack with car plates. He'd look at the numbers, make a guess, then add them up to see if he made 21, busted, or was too low. It's to the point know where he can automatically determine if he got a blackjack with the car ahead of him. It's a useless skill, surely, but he swears that it keeps him sharp.

minako said...

I should read more, and I know it. I just started Jane Eyre again because I know I'll enjoy it and thereby finish it. I have 3 other books started that I can't bring myself to finish; What About the Big Stuff?, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Time Machine. I'm afraid of the Morlocks. They were really creepy in the awful (but not terrible) movie a few years back. The book description frightens me too -- in the scene where he's low on matches and they're touching him.... Yikes!

I digress. Books. Yes. Good option. I will try harder.

Car Blackjack.... I'm afraid I'd cheat. And I'm usually driving, so I'm also afraid I'd crash.

haitch pee said...

Lani took the words from my comment before i could get to the comment page...
Yes, read. Lord knows i"m not doing it as much as I want to. Who cares if you don't finish every book? Who cares what kind of book?
I'm a fan of Jonathon Safron Foer (sp?), what I've read, and I think it's differnt than a lot of what you read, but still kinda historical and neat - "Everything is Illuminated", anyway.
Also, Tim Winton "Cloudstreet" is great.
Alternatively, why don't you learn cool things to do with your digital camera?
I hear ya. But you'll be SMRT always, and keep yourself that way.

Branflakes said...

Where'd you go for vacation anyway?