05 April 2005

Some days it just doesn't matter

Emotionally, I'm over the loss of that blog. It's not going to reduce me to tears anymore.

At Foo's request, I'm trying to resurrect it, but it's not going to have the same passion or narrative voice as the original. The spark is gone. I expect it to be a lot more clinical since it's organised differently now.

But I can't let that be the end of my blogs until I have it up and ready to post, so here's some fun from my weekend.

I met Andrew's parents on Friday night. I wasn't nervous until the afternoon of. Then I had a minor freak-out. I find that co-workers are great for that because they have no emotional interest in you other than whether you're going to make it difficult for them to get their work done.

Allan suggested that I break the ice with a joke:

Jesus walks into a hotel. He puts three spikes on the counter, looks at the clerk and says, "Can you put me up for the night?"

Ahahahahaha! :

Except that Andrew's parents are devout Pentecostal. I passed. Allan suggested I bring a flask instead....

So, it was fine. We had a quick meet-and-eat. I thought they seemed very nice. Jury's still out on my verdict, but preliminary indications are positive.

I kidnapped Andrew for the weekend when he got off work on Saturday. I took him out to a très posh restaurant on Saturday night. I was flush from my latest paycheque, and wanted to make up the 3 months that I piggybacked on him for everything we did while I was unemployed. It cost a little more than I expected, but it was good. I tried oysters. Didn't brave them raw, though. They kind of tasted like sand....

Sunday we watched the movie Saved! It was funny and great, but it upset me a little. I know it's meant as a parody, but it highlighted a lot of why I don't belong to a religious community (see upcoming blog that will replace the lost blog). Except for one teeny-weeny flaw, I thought the ending was great -- not too contrived, but tied up loose ends nicely. Highly recommended.

Work is busy this week with this tourism lunch I'm planning. That goes off tomorrow and it will be my first officially planned event. Things have so far gone smoothly. I think I forgot one teeny tiny detail, but hopefully I can rectify that first thing in the morning.

I start dog-sitting on Thursday. I'm getting paid a nice chunk of change (all except grocery money of which will go directly on my student loan, thereby reaching my goal by April 20th -- 10 days early!!) to look after a medium-high maintenance Wheaton Terrier. I'm already a little frustrated about being tied to the house constantly. But it's only two weeks. Mom and Andrew are going to be big helps while I'm at work/curling for charity.... Unfortunately, I don't have their internet scoped yet, so my entire life could (perhaps positively) alter for the time being. Very challenging.

Okay. That's the update. It's relaxin' time!

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