28 April 2005

It feels no different

As the song goes, I'm "One Year Closer to Death". I celebrated my birthday on the weekend and it was a good one.

Everyone keeps asking "Wha'd'ya get?" But it isn't the stuff that made my birthday this year. I got some great presents (heated car-seat pad!), some not so great presents ("move out" salad-spinner), and some tasty presents (sushi dinner). But what I liked best about this birthday was that it all worked.

I wanted to have a party. The initial planning was really stressful to me. I couldn't figure something out that worked. But one I settled on my idea, it was great. I got so many of my friends together in one place, and that never happens. Of course there were some people who couldn't make it. Daphne, Nayana, and some out-of-province friends, but even some passing acquaintances made an effort, so it was great.

I find I'm less and less interested in stuff. I always have a list of DVDs or CDs or miscellaneous things that I'd like to have, but I'm not dying for specific things. Is this an age thing? More and more I just want people around. I want to see my friends and family. It might sound selfish, but I like that I can use my birthday as coercion to get people to hang out, because I want to see people and talk to people and laugh with my friends.

Between my parents, my friends, Andrew, and Lew, I had five days of birthday going. Yesterday, my brother's gift arrived in the mail, so it just kept going!

I'm dogsitting again this week, so having my own house to stay in is like an extended gift too.

Things are also going well at work, but more on that later.

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