12 April 2005

I feel better now

Yesterday was a weird brain day.

4 nights of less-than-adequate sleep, plug dog, plus frustrating debate (times 2), plus a blog that made me go "huh?" equalled brain implosion. That's the root of my blog from yesterday.

Last night I slept well. The dog made me laugh -- she wouldn't go to bed because she was expecting deadwriter to come in. I think she was actually pining; she sighed a lot last night. Frustrating debates weren't solved, but I came to terms with my issues (although, I'll probably get upset if I have to go through the debate again). I found a non-reactionary, civil, respectful, and intelligent way to respond to the blog.

My boss is away this week and I'm running out of things to do. How much would you pay to see Dr. Phil or Oprah live?


Me said...

I would NOT pay to see them live - they advertise that you can attend a free taping - why the hell would I pay?

minako said...

It's not free to fly to Chicago or LA. :P