23 March 2005

New lines of communication

New blog template, updated links. You like?

Apparently somebody didn't get my memo because it's snowing again. This makes me sad. And while I understand that it's a product of the place in which I choose to live, I reject the notion that winter can continue to invade my life days into spring.

My birthday is in a month. It's going to be on a Saturday and I want to do something BIG. I'm open to suggestions. An event planner should have ideas, but I can never seem to get my friends to agree on a time or place. Last time I said, "Fuck it. I'll make the plans and whoever gives a shit will show up," I ended up being a little disappointed. Last year, I didn't really do much. Went out to dinner with my parents and Jenni, then back to my house where a couple of friends did show up. I was a little drunk, and they somehow thought that it would be fine to bring an 18 year-old who went to the high school where I was doing my practicum. I was not impressed. Did I mention I was a little drunk? Wine, gin, and sake will do that to a person. Having a student in your basement will sober you up quickly. I didn't realize it right away, until he said something about so-and-so being his teacher.

"Great. I'm going to get fired (again), and I haven't even started teaching yet."

Maybe that's supposed to be a sign. The year before, I was almost fined by a w/v cop for public intoxication. I don't even try to break the law. It's like the law breaks itself in my presense.

If I ever come across a dead body, I will not dial 9-1-1. I will walk away quickly and wait for someone else to find it.

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Pretty new template. I like it very much :)