01 March 2005

The drought is over

This isn't like the last drought. That one hasn't been an issue in... oh, about 2 months....

I speak of the work drought.

It is a well-known occurance in my life that, if I want anything to happen, all I have to do is make myself unavailable. In this case, a road trip sufficed nicely.

Whilst I was (painfully) traversing somewhere in NB, Beth finally called! Of course, since I was in pain in No Funswick, I missed the call, but there was a message taped to the bathroom mirror when I got home. I figured it was too late to call back, but when I checked my "work" e-mail (for some reason, I retained access, even though I wasn't an employee), I saw that she'd sent me a message urging me to call her at home.

When I called, she wanted me to come in to the office right away to talk. Having just got home from my crazy road trip, I knew that there was no way I'd make it in for a 9 am meeting, so I told her that I had some appointments and would try to pop in sometime in the afternoon. That didn't happen (since I didn't get out of my pjs until 2 pm). So, I called her and asked to come in at 9 am on Thursday, and asked if she would forward me any available details of her offer.

She did. I almost shit myself.

Not really. It was a real job offer. Not a permanent job offer, but a start.

The details:

I started yesterday. I'm mostly doing business development and administrative support. The wage is good (I bill hourly). It could be better, but I have ideas. The biggest downside is that it's not permanent. It's a three-month term. But BossLady stressed that there is an excellent chance that it won't end at the end of May.

So, that's the big news. I'm diving right into it, and trying to avoid full-on panic that results from a fear that someone might discover my incompetence.

I'm just glad to be back.

Next time: The Consequences


Me said...

I had to wait and read your blog for that news? You couldn't just TELL me???

Congratulations. Now you can't do nothing all the time.

minako said...

I totally could have told you. I was just being a little shit. :)

Did you book my room yet?